Bluestem is committed to providing a thorough multidisciplinary evaluation with long-term, caring follow-up. Our treatment for children, adolescents and adults is family-centered, with close integration of school and community support services.

We combine state-of-the-art evaluations with family-centered, long-term follow-up

Bluestem Center specializes in complex learning and behavior problems. Our clinicians diagnose the problem and create a treatment plan just for you, your child, and/or your family. This is followed by regular follow-up visits to evaluate your progress.

We help people feel better about themselves

Children, adolescences, and adults often come to our clinic with depression, anxiety or low self-esteem. We teach them about their strengths and weaknesses and coach them to overcome self-defeating behaviors. We offer individual, couple, family, group and play therapy along with medication therapy as needed.

We help parents raise kids

We understand that families need professionals who are willing to take the time to listen. We recognize that success for the child and family is based upon a positive relationship with your health care provider.

We assist you in finding the help you need

We work with schools, tutors, state agencies and other medical specialists to coordinate your child’s care. If we don’t offer the services that you or your child need, we will recommend professionals or agencies in that area that do.