About Our Facility

Bluestem Center for Child and Family Development is located in a unique building designed to enhance our work and mission. Our facility was designed to recall the prairie days in Minnesota: think of it as a farmhouse.

A farmhouse is a working building and also a welcoming one. It’s comfortable without being fussy. Everyone has a job to do – even the smallest children contribute by helping with dishes or looking after animals. There’s hospitality – always room for one more at a farmhouse table!

The hallways are wide enough for children and families to walk side-by-side. All areas of the building have natural lighting. Particular attention was given to stairwells to make them broad and well-lit. Waiting areas are scattered throughout the building to allow families and patients some privacy.

Original art and some collections are hung throughout the building, including some dramatic photos of flowers by Dr. Atkinson.

Bluestem is "green." Bluestem has geo-thermal heating and cooling, which means that the building’s furnace or air-conditioning run only to boost or trim the heat a few degrees from the stable fifty degrees supplied by our below-frostline system. Windows open to save on the need for frequent thermostat adjustments. Vertical and horizontal fins outside the windows add strategic shade during sunny months. When possible, light fixtures use energy-saving bulbs and timers turn off lights that are not in use. Recycled and low-impact materials were given preference during construction.

Bluestem Center is adjacent to the Zumbro River, allowing for restful views from most of the professional offices. On the river level a large conference room gives us space for staff meetings, group sessions, and teaching and opens onto a patio. A small kitchenette opens into the conference room. The conference room is available to groups by arrangement with our office manager.

We have ample off-street parking. A coffee shop, bagel-sandwich shop, and Italian restaurant are close by.

Plans for the future include upgrading a fallow hillside area (located to the south of the building) and the property facing the river into prairie.

We’re proud of our facility! Bluestem Center was designed by Roger Nelson of HGA Architects & Engineers and built by Scheoppner Construction. We opened in October, 2004. Bluestem Center was awarded first prize for New Construction by the Rochester Committee on Urban Design and Environment in November, 2005.